$ 65.00 USD

5050 4 Chip LED Module

This is for a pack of 120 Modules. Each module has 4 high brightness LED light chips.




  • Super bright
  • Wide beam angle
  • Highly reliable
  • Easy to install and highly flexible
  • Energy saving due to low heat emmission
  • Low voltage DC12V
  • IP Grade IP65
  • No radiation
  • Highly resistant to shock



Our LED modules are widely used in building outline, steps, booth, bridge, hotel, KTV, edge, corridor decorative lighting, and stair illumination, concealed location lighting, advertising back light, outdoor, furniture decorative, underwater engineering, reveal ark, jewelry counter, billboards production, all kinds of large screen, calligraphy and painting advertising design, automobile chassis, car inside and outside, high brake decoration, the city bright decoration field etc.


Main Specifications


Light Source: SMD 5050
Beam angle: 120 degrees
Color Temp (CCT): 6000K-6500K
Life Span: 50,000 hours
Working Temperature: -40 deg C - + 60 deg C
Light Emitting Color: White
Luminous Flux: 70-80LM/PC
LED Quantity: 4 PCS
Voltage: DC12V
Storage Temperature: -50 deg C - + 60 deg C


Series connection


  • LED Module connection: connect "+" with "+" or connect "-" with "-"
  • Power supply connection: PCB "+" logo side with DC12V or PCB "-" logo side with DC12 "-"
  • Suggested series connection quantity: 20 pcs


Connection drawing


Installation Instruction:


  • Polar of LED Module : Power Supply + connect with LED Module +, or Power Supply - connect with LED Module -
  • Make sure the voltage of LED module does not exceed its power supply.
  • Number of series circuit : Each series circuit LED Module number should not exceed the maximum connection number , otherwise it will result in decreasing brightness.
  • Non-waterproof LED Module should be well-protected when used outdoors.



Use the appropriate 12V power supply.


Why you should buy from us


  • 4 year warranty. If our LED module go out within 4 years we will replace them for free.
  • We are located in Monrovia, CA and we ship fast so you will get your order in days not weeks.
  • Our helpful and knowledgeable staff can give you the information you need. We are just a phone call away.
  • All of our products are CE and RoHS passed so you know you will be getting a high quality product.