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Mi-Light 4-Zone Controller Dimmer White/Warm White LED Bulb Strip

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How to use : 

  • 1.Brightness & color temperature adjusting:To adjusting all controllers, first press "Master ON" or to adjusting individual controllers, then press "Zone ON"; secondly set the adjustment for color temperature or brightness.
  • 2.Night light mode: for individual controllers, press and hold the "Zone OFF" from one of the 4 zones, For all controllers, press and hold "Master OFF", The lights now consume only 0.4watts.
  • 3.Resume function: The previous setting will be resumed while power on again!
  • 4.Matching Code:Press one of the "Zone ON" buttons one time within 3 seconds when power on again, the light will blink 3 times if matching is successful;
  • 5.Clearing Code:Press one of the "Zone ON" buttons five times within 3 seconds when power on again, the light will blink ten times if clearing is successful;
  • 6.Grouping:You can add an endless numbers of controllers t a zone on the 4 channel remote by code-matching to different zones.This way you are completely flexible in creating different group combinations.Below you can see some grouping examples
  • Features:2,4G RF Wireless Control
  • Applicable Lights:Mi Light Series CW/WW LED Bulbs / Single Color Led Strip Light
  • Max. Load Power:216W
  • Wattage:2W
  • Remote Distance:30m
  • Certification:CCC,CE,RoHS
  • Voltage:5-24V
  • Material:ABS
  • Power Source:Dry Battery
  • Connection Mode:Wireless LED RF Remote Controller
  • Model Number:Mi light RF 2.4G LED Remote Controller