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12A Music Controller for RGB LED Strip Lights MU120

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12A Music Controller for RGB LED Strip Lights. Easily connect your LED strip to this controller to control the strip colors. This music controller has a music function that allows you to change the colors automatically with the sound. There is a built in microphone which can pick up the beat of music or sounds.

12A Music Controller
Input Voltage: DC12V / 24V
Output Port: 2 Ports (RGB Common Anode)
Max. Output Current: 12A (2A more from previous version)
Max. Power Output:
12V: 144W(12V x 12A)
24V: 288W
(24V x 12A)
Estimation of Max. Length of strips:

12V 5050 30LED/m: 10m x2
12V 5050 60LED/m: 5m x2
24V 5050 30LED/m: 20m x2
24V 5050 60LED/m: 10m x2

( x2 means parallel connection. Please use 2ports )

Sound Sensitivity: > 70 dB
Optimized Thermal? Management : < 40C
Operation Temperature:
Storage Temperature : -40~60C
Product Size: L169 xW84 xH25mm
Weight: 270g

Do you want to connect longer RGB strips for music controller?

This sound sensitive IR LED controller for RGB strip light can select 16 colors and 2 pre-programmed patterns; FLASH and FADE. It can adjust the brightness and speed of colors, and the color of the light will FLASH/FADE according to the beat of music.

The sensitivity of sound can be adjusted by the dial!
There are 2 ports, you can light up 2 lines of RGB Strip lights!

It is upgraded from previous countroller, the new output current is 12A, It can connect 20m of 30LED/m RGB or 10m of 60LED/m RGB Strips (Please see the chart on the left for the detail).

Install this party controller and power up your weekend!

Package included:
1 x 12A Sound Sensitive RGB Controller
1 x Remote Controller with battery
1 x User manual

Q: I have a single color 3528 RGB strip light. Can I use this controller?
A: Yes, you can also use it for 3528 SMD size.
Max. length of the strips are: 10m x2 of 3528 120LED/m, or 20m x2 of 3528 60LED/m.