$ 80.00 USD

Nova Bright LED Wall Washer Architectural Light available in 36W and 48W

The 120V wall washers are 120V so they do not require a transformer. Just plug it into an outlet and it will begin working. You can make larger scare projects look amazing. Link up to 10 of these wall washers to 1 controller and illuminate your business or home

Product Features

  • Link up to 10 of these color changing wall washers to 1 controller
  • Each wall washer is 1 meter or 40 inches
  • 5000K Daylight White White 
  • High color rendering index. 90 CRI
  • Life span of 50,000 hours.
  • High quality die-cast aluminum housing and silicon rubber sealed ring, toughened glass, IP65 outdoor use.

 36W Wall Washer NovaBright

Widely used to highlight hotel exterior, square night light, garden lighting, interior decoration, outdoor flood lighting, bridge lighting and other architectural lighting projects.








IP Grade

Work Temp.

Carton Size

Net Weight/PC






-45℃~ +55℃






Installation for Linkable 36W Wall Washers

Important Notes:


  • Make sure that the metal case is connected to the ground wire.
  • Make sure you cut off the power before installing. Please do not retrofit this product unless you are a technician.
  • Please make sure that the voltage shown on product label conforms to your AC voltage.
  • This product is made for the following voltage:AC85-265V 50-60Hz. Please do not use this product below or above the specified voltage because it will cause it to break or reduce its lifespan.
  • This product can be used outdoors, but not underwater.
  • This wall washer should be installed in an area that can withstand time times its weight.
  • Please make sure the wall washer is grounded using the ground wire and make sure that people will not touch it.

Color Changing LED Wall Washer