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RGBW Touch Controller for 12V RGB LED Strip Lights

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RGBW Touch Controller for 12V RGB LED Strip Lights

RGBW Touch ControllerRGBW Touch ControllerRGBW Controller

Package Contents:

1 RGBW controller
1 remote control
An English manual

Product Description:
This system is a high performance RGBW LED full touch remote controller, using the most advanced PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control technology, can control all four lines four loops lighting products, with 64 million colors and 12 modes, along with a memory function. (ie. shutdown or restart after power failure, the light will automatically show the color or mode before the shutdown state) is widely used in RGBW LED light bar, LED lighting control modules and other products
Uses 2.4G high-frequency wireless remote control, with low power consumption, transmission distance, anti-interference ability and high air baud rate, remote control stylish appearance, functional and practical simplicity.