Your Brand Our LEDs

We can make our LEDs with your brand name instead of the ours so you can build up your brand and gain customer loyalty. We are able to private label LED strip lights under your brand and logo. There are minimum quantity requirements for doing this. You would be able to customize the LED strip to your specifications such as length, brightness, voltage, and color. You may want to get 5FT strips instead of 16FT and make them waterproof if you know your customers will use them on boats for example. You could have these strips packaged in your branded anti-static bags or boxes. We would be able to manufacture the LEDs according to your needs instead of a cookie cutter 5M strip that is in the marketplace.

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LED Lights Applications

  • Cabinet Lighting
  • Motorcycles, Cars, Trucks, RVs, Boats
  • Outdoor Building Lights
  • Home/Business Accent Lighting
  • Nightclubs, Bars
  • Exhibits/Tradeshows
  • Movie/TV Show Sets
  • Church Architectural Lighting
  • Stage Lighting
There are countless uses for LED strip lighting. You can customize your private label LED strips for the application you wish to specialize in and take advantage of your niche market. We are here to help you get the right type of LED strip made for your customers' needs.

New Silicon Tube For LEDS

We also have a new product which should be pretty exciting for LED enthusiasts. 

  • Make Your Own Spotless Lights: You can make your LED strips look like neon with this double layer silicone diffuser. 
  • Order Now: Initial supplies are limited to get your order placed now. These are available at an introductory price of $0.85 per FT.
  • Have Questions?: Email or call us at (626)698-9082

Waterproof LED Strip Lights

Customize the LED Tape

We can make the LED strip for you according to your needs. For example a retailer that sells boating accessories will want waterproof LED strips since they will be used in marine environments. We would make their strips waterproof and it would be 12V since the batteries used would be 12V.  We would also be able to make a sealed wire that is about 6 ft so the user can easily run the wire to the power source instead of having to splice wires. Here are the things we can customize:
  • Length of the Strip from 6 inches to 100 FT
  • Size of the LED chip from 2835 to 5630
  • Brightness from 8 lumens per LED to 55 lumens per LED
  • Voltage from 5V to 110V
  • Coating from IP20 non waterproof to IP68 Waterproof
  • Wire length at the beginning and end of each strip.
  • Packaging from anti static bag with your logo and brand name, a sealed box with your logo and brand name, or plastic 

Branded Packaging & Silkscreened Products

With enough quantities, you can even have your logo printed on the product like the above image. 
Here is an example of a LED strip kit we created with custom branding and packaging. We would have the lights you select with the controller and power you select in the blister pack.You would also be able to design the packaging be it a blister pack or box.

“I am always satisfied with your company. Keep up the good work. Your products are of the highest quality and the kits are quick and easy to install.”

— Robert T, Shopper Approved customer review

This is my third order here, the service and prices are the best. You need photos of the projects I have used your products on, everyone here is amazed by the results.”
— George, Shopper Approved customer review