$ 9.00 USD

Mini RGB Strip Amplifer with DC Jack

Mini RGB Strip Amplifer with DC Jack
Working Voltage: 12V
Output Channel: 3 (RGB)
Max Output Current : 12A (3x4A)
Max Output Power : 144W (12A x 12V)
Estimation of Max. Length of strips: 5m x2 : 12V 5050 60LED/m
10m x2 : 12V 5050 30LED/m
(24V can double the length)
Length: L145 MM
Internal jack diameter: 2.1mm (standard size)
External jack diameter: 5.5mm (standard size)
Weight: 8g

Smallest RGB Amplifer on the current market !

Simplest solution when you need to add more RGB Strip Light.

This amplier's max output current is 12A/144W, with 12A DC converter you can connect another 20m (10m x2) of 30LED/m or 10m (5m x2) of 60LED/m as you can see in the chart left.

It comes with DC Female Jack for easy installation!

Install this mini yet powerful RGB amplifer, and double your RGB Strip Light!