$ 9.00 USD

Mini RGB Strip Controller with DC Jack & 20 Modes in White Color.
Mini RGB Strip Controller with DC Jack
Modes: 19
Static Colors : 20
Speed of Mode: 5 level
Brightness of Static Color : 5 level
Working Voltage: DC8~16V (12V)
Output Channel: 3 (RGB Common Anode)
Max Output Current : 12A (3x4A)
Max Output Power : 144W (12A x 12V)
Estimation of Max. Length of strips: 5m x2 : 5050 60LED/m
10m x2 : 5050 30LED/m
Working Temperature: -30~75C
PWM: 256 levels
Length: 165mm
Internal jack diameter: 2.1mm (standard size)
External jack diameter: 5.5mm (standard size)

Speed Adjustable 20 Pre-Programmed Modes !

There are 20 of Pre-Programmed Static Colors, and the brightness of static color can be adjusted.

This controller has an Auto-Saving function, it save the last setting you used. There is no turned on, off button.

It is the smallest RGB controller on the market, but it is also one of most powerful controller on the market!!

The max output current is 12A/144W, you can control up to 10m (5m x2) of 5050 60/LED Strips as you can see in the left chart.

It comes with DC Female Jack for easy installation!
Install this mini powerful RGB controller, and power up your RGB Strip Light!