$ 30.00 USD

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Decode CH: 1~3
Input Signal: DMX-512/1990 digital signal
Output Signal 0-24V PWM signal,can drive 5A (each CH)
Power Supply: DC 12 ~ 25V
Power Dis: <1W
Powe Output: <360W (24V), <180W (12V)
Operating Temp: 0 ~ 70 degree
Item Size: 175mm x 41.5mm x 33.5mm
Package size: 180mm x 43mm x 38mm
Net weight: 242.5g
Gross weight: 255g
Warranty: 1 year

Thank you for using PX series DMX512 decoder^_^
With advanced micro-computer control technology, PX series convert the widely used DMX512/1990 signal to analog signal. Can choose 1-3 output channel, 256-level brightness control. For connecting of light console and analog device, or lighting & building lamps controlling.


  • Meets DMX512/1990
  • 256-level brightness, full-color control
  • 3 output CH., can drive 5A (Each CH.)
  • With control system, can express perfect effect
  • Can drive 1-3 channel of each lamp
  • Can set the DMX address freely
  • High interference resistant, over-heat and over-current protect, self-recovery function available