$ 90.00 USD

This 24V spot free led strip uses 120LPM 4040SMD RGB strip inside. There are 120 leds per meter which means they are very close together to make this spot free. These are cuttable at the cut points and are ideal for creating a neon effect without using the old neon tubes. These use standard RGB controls and a 24V power. These are 24W per meter so make sure the controller you use is able to handle the amount of power that the neon strip will draw. 

Xeon Neon Light Features

Rigid Track for Neon

$5.50 Rigid Aluminum Track for this neon


  • Flexible horizontal bending strip,ultra slim only 6mm
  • Dual-color silicone extrusion
  • Enhanced SMD4040 LEDs especially for neon products, DC24V
  • 100 LEDs per meter, can be cut along the set marks
  • UV resistant and salt mist proof
  • Minimum bending diameter 50mm
  • CE、RoHS、UL certificate

Below are the neon lights used at various events.

Our Neon Lights

Xeon 10x23 RGB neon led light

Our neon lights at the Formula 1 event in Las Vegas 2022

Our neon lights used by the Wonder Project at EDC

Below will be more detailed information about the actual neon strip and its dimensions.

XLTR-18 Neon LED

Neon LED Light

XEON Novabright LED Spot Free



Our NovaBright Xeon XLTR-18 RGB Color Changing Neon Spot Free LED Light 24V 5M Reel 10x23mm is a premium quality, high brightness Rope Light designed specifically for use in commercial applications. The XLTR series has an IP67 rating and requires a transformer (sold separately) to convert the low-voltage input (24v AC or DC) to bright and even output voltages. This LED rope light uses LEDs which produces a glow to your area that is soft and beautiful at any time of day. The color changing options allow you to select just the right romantic or energetic ambiance you want in your space.