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Our 10A x 6CH LCD Screen Dimmable DMX512 Decoder DE8359 is a great choice for LED strips. With 6 channels, it can support up to 60A for dimming effects. It features a LCD screen for easy access to menu settings and comes with an industrial-grade design for reliable operation.


Thank you for using DMX512 Decoder series.It adopts the advanced micro-computer control technology, it converts the DMX-512/1990 standard digital signal adopted widely in international to the analog control signal.Output 1~6 Channels for option and each channel able to achieve 256 levels of brightness controlling,and also it can be used as the connector of PC digital-light controller and analog light modulator. It is mainly used for the controlling of buildings & lights applied LED.

Features of 10A*6CH DMX512 Decoder DE8359:

1,Meets DMX512/1990 signal ,with RJ45 and XLR-3 interface to choose.

2,256-levels brightness,full-color with driver controls.

3,Power without flashing, smooth at low.

4,Output 6 channels, single channel maximum 10A output drive,total output is less than 60 A.

5,Can achieve asynchronous color changes effect under working with controller.

6,With the light color selected mechanism, and be able to control the light with 1-6 colors.

7,Through the LCD1602 screen to display menu and set DMX address freely.

8,Modularizing and can be matched with different LED module neatly.

9,Custom-made available and 3 years warranty.

Tech-parameter of 10A*4CH DMX512 Decoder DE8356:

Input: DC12-24V                             Control Channels:  6CH              Output Current:  10A*6CH Max 60A

Max Power:  720W/1440W            Frequnce:  5000Hz                     Working Temperature:  -30-70℃

Output Signal: Constant Voltage PWM Signal                                   The Light Gray Level:  256

Protection Grade:  IP40                  Gross Weight:  400g                   Product Size: L122*W107*H33mmMax 10Ax6CH LCD Screen Dimmable DMX512 Decoder DE8359

Specifications of DMX512 Decoder/Driver Series: 

Constant Voltage DMX512 Decoder DE80/82/83/85/AL Series
Model No. Channels Input Voltage Max Current Load Max Output Power DMX512/PWM Interface Adress Editor
DE8000 3CH DC12-24V 4A*3CH 144W(12V)/288W(24V) RJ45/Screwless Dip switch
DE8000-6A 3CH DC12-24V 6A*3CH 216W(12V)/432W(24V) RJ45/Screw Dip switch
DE8006 3CH DC12-24V 4A*3CH 144W(12V)/288W(24V) Screwless terminal LCD screen
DE8008 3CH DC12-24V 4A*3CH 144W(12V)/288W(24V) Screwless terminal Digital Tube
DE8012 12CH DC12-24V 4A*12CH 576W(12V)/1152W(24V) RJ45/Screwless Dip switch
DE8015 4CH DC12-24V 5A*4CH 240W(12V)480W(24V) Screw terminal Dip switch
DE8018 3CH DC12-24V 6A*3CH 216W(12V)/432W(24V) RJ45/Screw Digital Tube
DE8019 3CH DC12-24V 3A*3CH 108W(12V)/216W(24V) RJ45/Screwless Auto-addressing
DE8020 3CH DC12-24V 3A*3CH 108W(12V)/216W(24V) Screwless terminal Dip switch
DE8024 24CH DC12-24V 2A*24CH 576W(12V)/1152W(24V) RJ45/Screwless Dip switch
DE8026 24CH DC12-24V 2A*24CH 576W(12V)/1152W(24V) RJ45/Screwless Dip switch
DE8031 1CH DC12-24V 10A*1CH 120W(12V)/240W(24V) Screwless terminal LCD screen
DE8032 4CH DC12-24V 3A*4CH 144W(12V)/288W(24V) Screwless terminal LCD screen
DE8033 3CH DC12-24V 6A*3CH 216W(12V)/432W(24V) Screw terminal Dip switch
DE8035 4CH DC12-24V 5A*4CH 240W(12V)/480W(24V) Screw terminal LCD screen
DE8036 4CH DC12-24V 5A*4CH 240W(12V)/480W(24V) RJ45/Screw Dip switch
DE8235 4CH DC12-24V 5A*4Ch 240W(12V)/480W(24V) Screwless terminal LCD screen
DE8236 4CH DC12-24V 5A*4CH 240W(12V)/480W(24V) RJ45/Pluggable terminal LCD screen
DE8238 5CH DC12-24V 4A*5CH 240W(12V)/480W(24V) RJ45/Screw Digital Tube
DE8239 6CH DC12-24V 6A*6CH 432W(12V)/864W(24V) RJ45/Screw Dip switch
DE8356 4CH DC12-24V 10A*4CH 480W(12V)/960W(24V) RJ45/XLR-3/Screw LCD screen
DE8358 4CH DC12-24V 10A*4CH 480W(12V)/960W(24V) RJ45/XLR-3/Screw Dip switch
DE8359 6CH DC12-24V 10A*6CH 720W(12V)/1440W(24V) RJ45/XLR-3/Screw LCD screen
DE8504 4CH DC12-24V 10A*4CH 480W(12V)/960W(24V) RJ45/XLR/Screw Dip switch
DE8506 6CH DC12-24V 5A*6CH 360W(12V)/720W(24V) RJ45/XLR/Screw Dip switch
DE8508 8CH DC12-24V 10A*8CH 960W(12V)1920W(24V RJ45/XLR/Screw Dip switch
DE8512 12CH DC12-24V 7A*12CH 1008W(12V)/2016W(24V) RJ45/XLR/Screw Dip switch
DE8516 16CH DC12-24V 7A*16CH 1344W(12V)/2688W(24V) RJ45/XLR/Screw Dip switch
DE8524 24CH DC12-24V 5A*24CH 1440W(12V)/2880W(24V) RJ45/XLR/Screw Dip switch
DE8532 32CH DC12-24V 4A*32CH 1536W(12V)/3072W(24V) RJ45/XLR/Screw Dip switch
AL7001 1CH DC12-24V 10A*1CH 120W(12V)/240W(24V) RJ45/Screwless Dip switch
AL7001A 1CH DC12-24V 20A*1CH 240W(12V)/480W(24V) Screw terminal Dip switch
AL7005 1CH DC12-24V 6A*1CH 72W(12V)/144W(24V) Screwless terminal Dip switch
DE8212H-3CH 3CH AC110-240V 2.5A*3CH 100W Screw terminal Dip switch
DE8224H-4CH 4CH AC110-240V 1A*4CH 100W Screw terminal Dip switch

Product Instructions of 10A*6CH DMX512 Decoder DE8359:

Max 10Ax6CH LCD Screen Dimmable DMX512 Decoder DE8359

1, Product panel operation instructions, through the LCD screen to display the content, through the mechanical switch menu options to adjust the internal procedures and address code. Press the top key Max 10Ax6CH LCD Screen Dimmable DMX512 Decoder DE8359, call up the DMX512 external control or confirm DMX program menu. Switch the program menu and adjust the address code or brightness according to the up key Max 10Ax6CH LCD Screen Dimmable DMX512 Decoder DE8359 which is in middle and the down keyMax 10Ax6CH LCD Screen Dimmable DMX512 Decoder DE8359 which is in below respectively. If don't have any operating within 5 seconds, the LCD screen will be locked which can be unlock by the top key.

2, DMX input and output terminal, please read the panel mark before correct wiring.

3, 6PIN power input and 4PIN LED output interface, please unscrew the screw with a screwdriver to wiring on. The power supply ranges from 12V to 24V input (for decoder and decoder with lamp power supply). As there is only 6 pins for out put, you can connect LED+ to a DC input + pin. And other 6 channels is connected to CH1-,CH2-, CH3-, CH4-, CH5-, CH6- output interface.

Wiring Diagram of DE8359:

Max 10Ax6CH LCD Screen Dimmable DMX512 Decoder DE8359

DMX-512 Control Signal Connection

1, DMX signal cable with five super twisted pair (cable), DMX signal positive, negative terminal crimping, in DMX signal line plug should be paid special attention to the polarity. DMX512 controller input and output signal positive,signal negative,signal ground with DE8359 input interface corresponding connection.

2, DMX5000 output and DE8359 transmission line can't exceed 300 meters.

3, Most DMX5000 each port connected 170 DE8359, the JBLED FLASH light system software can realize control and computer on-line,realize unlimited expansion cascade with DMX lamp.

4, Please note, the DMX signal input and output please interface between DMX signal, cannot be inserted opposite, or can not work,the signal transmission does not come. 

5, When contacting 32 pieces of DE8359, DMX signal must add a signal amplifier such as RE2000,cascade can't more than 4 PCS.

6. At the end of the whole connection, we should connect a DMX signal finalizer