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Product Model JE-003B-RN
Power 2.4W/ft
Led Size 5050
Input Voltage AC110V
Color Blue
Length Per unit cutting point 19"
IP Grade IP67
Viewing Angle 2θ1/2 120°
Working Temperature ˉ25℃~45℃
Working Humidity 5%~100%


We are committed to providing quality and service to our customers. You can reach us by email or phone during business hours if you need a custom quote or are unsure about the number or strips needed for your project. We are happy to help and we can do customized lengths and color LEDs. 

  • High luminous efficiency >70lm/W
  • Energy Saving - 80% of the energy cost of electricity use.
  • Green environmental protection:no ultraviolet and infrared radiation, complies with UL requirements.
  • 60 LEDs/Meter
  • Long life: 50000 hours lumens maintaining rate 75%.
  • No stroboscopic: starting fast, flicker-free, protect your eyes.
  • Installation (embedded) is simple, flexible to meet different needs.
  • Luminous uniform, no spot.
  • Safe low voltage, small power consumption

LED Strip Light, made from high class PVC material, SMD in soft circuit board by series connection or parallel connection, is a superior linear chandelier. The advantages listed as follow:

(1). Convenient to use with some features, including safety, energy saving, durability, waterproof and no pollution.
(2). Long lifespan with over 50000 hours.
(3). Good luminance with different colors, including white, warm-white, red, yellow, blue, green and RGB
(4). Easy to bend to different shapes. The effect will be better with the use of controller, which brings different vivid visual effects, such as chasing, flash, and scanning.
(5). Easy to install in the bearing face, building and entertainment venue with clip, light slot, iron wire, sucker and grille.
(6). Can be used outdoor and indoor at the range of -30 to 50.

Read the following rules before installation:

(1). Ensure the voltage is normal before connecting.
(2). Do not power on the light in the reel for fear of being damaged by overheating.
(3). Do not power on the light in the process of installation.
(4). Do not press heavily in the process of installation
(5). Power on the light for few minutes so as to easier bend to different shapes
(6). Cut only on wireless circuit board.
(7). Do clean the burr for fear of short circuit.
(8). Joint the connecting parts firmly when connecting them in series. The connecting part must be enveloped when it is installed outdoor.
(9). Forbid using iron wire to enlace when install.
(10). Keep surrounding ventilated so as not to be burned out by overheating.
(11). LED lamps toward outside when installing. Do not lap the light over, leaving enough space instead for fear of being unavailable.
(12). Power cord cannot be replaced. The light will be failed if power cord breaks down
110v Blue 5050SMD 160ft LED Strip Light