$ 15.00 USD

This is used with the 4 Zone controller or 4 Zone wifi hub to control LED light strips. Each receiver can control up to 18 amps worth of LED strip lights. 
  • It can control the led lights up to four different zones, change the color, dim/brighten the lights, warm/cool white , different programs.
  • The Controller doesn't support to illuminate RGB and white at the same time. If you want to illuminate RGB and white at the same time, please purchase the RGBW controller (ASIN: B00OIS0HJ4)
  • Compatible with WiFi. But If you want to control RGB strips by smartphone, you need purchase the WiFi controller (ASIN: B07333QK1R).
  • color changing and brightness dimming. low power consumption, long distance transmission, and strong anti-interference ability ,high speed telecommunications, etc.
  • Mi Light series, dimming and color changing. All light effects can be realized according to your preference or mood, just enjoy the dynamic life fulfilled with our lighting system.