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M1/M2/M3/M5/M6/M7 Dimming/Color Temperature/RGB RF Wireless Remote Control with M3-3A Receiver for 5050 3528 Single Color Strip Dimmer, Controller for 3528 5050 Led Light Strip (M3+M3-3A)

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  • Mini Controller volume is only 1/3 of a conventional controller, but it can be dimming, adjusting color temperature and RGB control.
  • The receiver can learn up to 10 remote control, it may be the same or not the same remote control.
  • RF radio frequency remote control, strong wireless signal penetration ability, convenient wall remote control; ID code independent of each other.
  • Touch the color circle on the remote control with a new circuit design, lower power consumption, Only use CR2032 button batteries, an industry first, the remote control lighter, thinner.
  • Each channel has 4096 grayscale, high grayscale performance is more outstanding, dimming the gentle, dynamic change more rich and colorful.