$ 22.00 USD

These professional quality bullets are ideal for Christmas Light Shows and other installations.

Our WS2811 bullet pixels were used at numerous concerts and light shows. It was used at the pixel forest at EDC 2019 and light shows in Arizona and Texas. These ws2811 bullet pixels come with 4 inch spacing.


  • Ideal for making LED screens, LED walls, advertising boards, advertising signs, bars, weddings, ambient lighting, and more.
  • These can be controlled with any WS2811 controller such as the SP101E, SP106E, SP108E, and Arduino Raspberry Pi, etc.
  • These begin with a female IP65 connector and there is a male IP65 connector at the end. This allows you to connect one set to another. We also have the T cable which will allow you to inject power due to voltage drop.
  • IP68 waterproof LED makes this ideal for outdoor use without getting damaged by water.