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50M LED Bullet Pixel Mounting Track

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  • Easy to Cut Or Expand : Our mounting strip has 50m length for one roll, you can freely cut it to any length with your scissorsor. Or joine 2 mounting strips together by 4 inch zip ties. Just simply 4 zip ties go through provided 1/8' securing holes on the strip, then fasten. It is easy to extended to longer length
  • Standard Size Design, No Need for Measuring: The pixel holes are distributed at equal intervals, used to install pixel. the smaller hole is used to connect mounting strips to each other. Pixel hole with 1 inch center spacing. It is easy to get a standard spacing string. No need to measure or use tape /rope /zip tie to fix each pixel
  • Black Surface, No Reflection: The strips have been specially processed so that the surface will not reflect light like other plastic products. When you light up your carefully arranged string light at night, it will not bring light reflections, so that your arrangement can achieve the best and most beautiful effect
  • High Durability, Suitable for Outdoor: This reusable mounting strip is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which has good tensile strength, stable material properties, and can resist sunlight, rain, or high and low temperatures. At the end of decoration season, it can be recycled and stored for the next decoration season
  • Wide range of applications: Within our modular frame mounting strips, it will be easy to make a clean and straight string lights in a short time. is often used for creating Pixel Mega Trees, Pixel Grids, etc.